Moving Home for the Elderly and People with Disabilities

From finding the perfect home to arranging all of your finances, moving home is stressful. In fact, it has been voted one of the top 10 most stressful life events, and for senior citizens moving home can provide intense feelings of uncertainty and upset that need to be handled in the most sensitive way possible.

Whether moving to downsize the family home, or helping elderly relatives transfer to assisted accommodation, moving home for elderly people is an emotional upheaval.

For people living with disabilities, moving home can be a frustratingly difficult task. From being unable to physically pack-up and move your belongings to the added pressure of ensuring your new home or accommodation has everything you need to move in smoothly.

Helping the Elderly Move home

Take time to consider the emotional and physical impact of helping your elderly loved ones move out of their home. Though for younger people moving to a new property is usually an exciting time, for family members who have lived in their home filled with the memories of their family and loved ones for a considerable amount of time, leaving can be upsetting.

The emotions of moving are intensified further for elderly people who are moving from their home to assisted community living or nursing home moves.

In fact, for elderly movers with senior-related illnesses such as dementia, moving from their home can be the cause of a severe type of stress called Transfer Trauma. Worryingly, this type of traumatic experience can have a significant impact on their wellbeing and health.

Though Transfer Trauma caused by moving home for the elderly is usually temporary, charities such as Age UK can help your loved ones in dealing with the anxiety caused by moving.

Our fantastic team of removal experts at Durrants has extensive experience in moving the elderly and in assisting home movers with the emotional impact of changing environments. We pride ourselves on taking the pressure out of home moving with considerate and careful planning to determine the best way to move elderly people into their new home.

Moving House with a Disability

For home movers with disabilities, there is often more to worry about than whether or not their sofa will fit in the new living room. From arranging special adaptations to your new home to contacting local healthcare providers, moving with a disability involves a lot of extra planning and assistance to make sure everything goes smoothly.

D. Durrant Removals specialises in providing this extra support and assistance to families with disabilities who need to prepare for a house move. Our family run business aims to help remove the stresses of moving house so you can concentrate on helping your family settle into your new surroundings.

Choosing a removal company can often be a difficult task so it is important to choose a moving company who can offer the support you need to successfully move into your new home.

At Durrant’s removal company we also provide furniture and household storage services to home movers who may need to temporarily store their belongings during or after a move. This can be especially beneficial for those who are moving with loved ones with disabilities and may wish to introduce their bulky belongings into the home at their own convenience and not all in one day.

Moving House for Blind People and Partially Sighted

Durrants recognises the difficulties faced when moving home for visually impaired individuals. Our team of removal specialists are able to assist in the packing and unpacking of your belongings to help make the move to your new accommodation an easier process.

In addition to this, we can also provide careful planning to ensure that the placement of your furniture and belongings are located in the same place as your previous home. This helps you familiarise with your new surroundings and prevents accidents from happening.

Our removal team always ensures that all boxes and furniture are unloaded and placed in an unobstructed area so that you are able to locate things easily in your new home.

This attention to detail has helped give Durrants removals our fantastic reputation as a thoughtful and expert removal company, helping families, individuals and specialist moves since 1956.

Expert Senior and Disability Removal Company

Our respectful team provides complete removal services including careful planning and specialised expertise to help those with disabilities and elderly people move into their new home.

We pride ourselves on easing the transition of moving home and helping our customers deal with the pressures that moving can bring.

Please do not hesitate to speak to a member of our team by calling us or filling out this form to discuss how we can help plan and implement your move.

Proud Supporters of Age UK Horsham District

“Age UK Horsham District is a local, independent charity that works with and for older people living in Horsham District, to help them

 overcome loneliness, isolation and poverty.  Our ambition is for Horsham District to be a District in which everyone can love later life.

60 years of helping older people to love later life



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