Elderly Moving Services – Dementia Friendly Company

Moving an elderly loved one into a new home or community can be extremely challenging as it requires a lot of planning in order for it to go smoothly. Seniors can be emotionally invested in the home they are leaving so some sadness and distress will be involved with the move.

Our team at Durrants have extensive experience in moving the elderly and know exactly what is needed to ensure it is a smooth process. Each family’s circumstances are unique and we tailor our service to suit your exact needs.

Moving Elderly with Dementia and Transfer Trauma

Transfer trauma is a term used to describe the stress that a person with dementia may experience when changing living environments. Transfer trauma is more commonly seen in the person with early stage dementia and when one is moving into a facility from their lifelong home. This is usually temporary and is reduced as they build friendships in their new community and with the help of charities such as Age UK.

It is important to take the necessary precautions for transfer trauma and we are here to assist with this and ensure the move has minimal stress involved. Seniors tend to be less affected when they are involved in decisions and when they can voice their concerns so they still feel a sense of control, therefore it is important to make them feel like they can do this.

Proud Supporters of Age UK Horsham District

“Age UK Horsham District is a local, independent charity that works with and for older people living in Horsham District, to help them overcome loneliness, isolation and poverty.  Our ambition is for Horsham District to be a District in which everyone can love later life.

60 years of helping older people to love later life

During 2018 everything Age UK Horsham District does will be done with a sparkle.  As the current charity team of staff and volunteers, representing a charity that has been working locally and supporting thousands of older people to love later life for 60 years, will be celebrating our 60th anniversary.

We hope this special year, our diamond anniversary, will provide us with lots of opportunities to:

  • Celebrate – the incredible achievements of the charity and local older people
  • Publicise – shout about what we do and how we can help local older people
  • Fundraise – we want the communities with whom we work with and for to get behind us and help raise £60,000 for our 60 years!

More information about Age UK Horsham District’s services and activities and how to support our work can be found at: www.ageukhorshamdistrict.org.uk Telephone: 01403 260 560 Email: info@ageukhorshamdistrict.org.uk”