Removals Packing & Packaging Prices

We offer a full range of packing and unpacking services to suit your needs. Our packing staff are fully trained in specialist packing techniques.

We are a fully insured, family-owned and operated removals company, with the added security of being approved by the British Association of Removers.

Our expert teams will pack up everything in your home including kitchen china, glassware, mirrors, furniture and more. Let us handle the stress of moving.

Packing Materials Price List
Description Dimensions (inches) Price Price Unit
New Second Hand
Pack 2 18(w) x 18(d) x 20(h) 2.50 2.00 each
Pack 3 18(w) x 18(d) x 30(h) 3.50 2.50 each
Pack 4 36(w) x 18(d) x 9(h) 3.50 2.50 each
Pack 6 13.5(w) x 18(d) x 14(h) 1.50 1.00 each
Archive Boxes 2.00 each
Wardrobe Rails
Carton 18″ inc. bar 8.00 6.00 each
Black Refuse Sacks 0.10 each
60 x 78 (150 x 200cm) 2.00 each
Bubblewrap (small) 600mm x 100m 25.00 roll
600mm x 25m 10.00 roll or 0.50 per metre
Bubblewrap (large) 750mm x 45m 35.00 roll
Flo-Pak (Polychips) 15 cu ft 25.00
Pallet Wrap
Large 8.00
Small 4″ 1.00
Paper Match Bubble 2.00 metre
Paper News Offcuts 5kg 5.00 pack
12.5kg 10.00 pack
Paper Products
Mattress Sacks 3′ 0″ 5.00 each
Mattress Sacks 4′ 6″ 6.00 each
Mattress Sacks 5′ 0″ 7.00 each
Blankets 4 ply (£1.50 each) 13.00 pack of 10
Settee Cover 3 seater 10.00 each
Settee Cover 2 seater 9.00 each
Armchair Cover 7.00 each
White tape(hot melt) 48mm x 66m 1.00
Fragile tape + vinyl 1.50
Tape Guns
Standard 8.00 each
Standard (silencer) 10.00 each
Wine Inserts 2.00 each
5.00 pack of 3
Moving Kit 60.00 each
[10 large and 10 small cartons, bubblewrap, marker pen, pack of wrapping paper, tape & dispenser and reusable outer carton]


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