Piano Removals in Guildford

Piano removals are now a cakewalk with D. Durrant Removals’ services. We are professional movers serving across Guildford and beyond for domestic and commercial moves. Whether you want us to pick your musical instrument from your home or studio, we cater to all needs. We are experts in handling every kind of piano – from uprights to baby grands to concert grands – with minimal hassle. With an industry presence of six decades, we offer fully insured removal service of such musical instruments across all terrains, whether it is from one room to another, into basements, up in the attic, through confined spaces, or up and down staircases.

Because have the badge of the British Association of Remover, be assured that only the best practices would be followed for the task. D. Durrant Removals also assists in self storage of pianos and their disposal. The storage containers in our warehouse are spacious and stringently secure. For the disposal, we follow the guidelines of the Environment Agency; you can do away with your musical instrument for a minimal price of £50.00 (VAT inclusive). Contact D. Durrant today for a free, no-obligation quote regarding piano removals in Guildford.

Why Choose D. Durrant Removals for Piano Removals in Guildford

  • Insured against damages.
  • Free quote regardless of piano size or distance of the move.
  • Easy manoeuvring with trolleys containing pneumatic tyres.
  • Piano removal process is protected by using covers, straps, casters, wheels, and shoes.
  • Storage and disposal facilities available.
  • Durrant is a member of BAR and Environment Agency.

We believe moving pianos is an art. The instrument is extremely heavy, filled with delicate machinery inside and needs precision of handling. A DIY attempt could lead to a broken back or leg injury. Invariably, the task demands mastery. And only an expert professional can help in this regard. With years of experience, this art comes naturally to D. Durrant Removals Ltd. For us, the task is a liability. And we have the best crew on board to serve you. Want to hire us for a no-fuss piano removal in Guildford? Contact us at the earliest.


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