Piano Removals in Crawley

Could you move your piano all by yourself? No. And this is why you need us, D. Durrant Removals Ltd., to do this bit of chore for you. With 60 years of industry experience, we could assist you in removing all kinds of pianos – grand or upright. We have you absolutely covered in Crawley. Expect a fully insured and safe move of this large and heavy musical instrument over all terrains – on plain surfaces, up and down narrow staircases and through congested corners, down to the basement, or up to the attic. We hold a staff specially trained for such part load tasks.

At D. Durrant, we are a member of the British Association of Remover and hence, apply the best practices of piano removals in Crawley. The moves are carried out within the local boundaries of the town, across the UK and Europe, and even beyond. We also have provisions for Environment Agency-approved disposal of the musical instrument at a price of £50.00 inclusive of VAT. Should you need a storage facility to hold your piano temporarily until a new location is found, you can keep it in our warehouse or a self storage container; it’s completely safe and enabled with alarms and CCTV cameras.

Why Hire Experts To Remove A Piano?

A piano contains intricate engineering inside. This musical instrument has always been notoriously known to make moves difficult. Be it a straightforward move, a manoeuvre downhill, or a push uphill, aligning a piano to perfection at the entrance of a new location is perhaps the most laborious thing to do. To make thing worse, the inside of the instrument is extremely fragile. A removal service naturally demands experience, expertise, precision, and a lot of care. At D. Durrant Removals Ltd. we employ people who are well-versed in this art and consider it as a speciality removal task.

Moving Your Piano With D. Durrant Removals

  • Large trolleys with pneumatic tyres are used for easy manoeuvres.
  • Specialist tools like covers, straps, wheels, shoes, and casters are used to maximise protection during the move.
  • Free, no obligation quotes for a piano removal regardless of size, distance, or purpose of the move.
  • Discussion on requirements prior to execution of the move.
  • Full liability insurance against all damages during the removal.

Hand over your piano removal task to D. Durrant Removals Ltd. and before you realise, the bulky instrument will be at your new destination, ready to play the tunes. Contact us now.


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